Our journey began nearly 50 years ago with our CEO’s Grandfather, Charles Lanigan. Charles had a vision to offer his clients a full-circle financial solution including tax preparation, accounting, and financial counseling.

In 1968, he opened his first office where he offered tax preparation and accounting to the public. Things went gangbusters, and Charles built a practice of over 3,000 clients.

In 2012, his Grandson and our CEO, Joshua Crowe, left the tax office to complete the vision by building on the third division – financial counseling, where he met his partner, Albert Lee who would become Sunpath’s COO.

The two worked for one of the largest Fortune 500 companies, ranked 55th, Prudential Financial. Prudential provided the knowledge, experience, and resources it would take to build a successful financial framework.

Four years later in January 2016, Sunpath Financial was born. Sunpath’s missions is to place client’s interest first, they do this by offering a myriad of financial solutions from dozens of top-rated insurance carriers, brokerage firms, and banks.

“At SunPath Financial, we take a holistic approach to financial counseling in order to make recommendations based upon the bigger picture. Our goal is to listen and understand our client’s needs, conduct extensive planning and research, then provide the best possible solution from one or more of our top-rated partners”, says CEO Joshua Crowe.

Today, Sunpath operates out of three satellite offices in Southern California: Newport Beach, Victorville, and Orange. The team works with over 1000 clients, and currently manage over $25,000,000 in assets. Their partnerships are extended to large brokerage firms, with decades of financial experience, estate attorneys, to help clients with living trust and inheritance planning, and CPAs.

“We promise to deliver the same value my Grandfather’s reputation was built on, which we believe will continue the growth of our multi-generational, family owned and operated business.” – Joshua Crowe.

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