“I’ll catch the redeye, that’s a marvelous idea! The flights will be cheap. The attendance will be light. The seats will be open. I’ll simply sprawl out and across the seats, sleep and wake rejuvenated and ready… Just the pilots, flight attendants, and me.”

After some nice conversation with my driver, I stepped out of the car and into the airport, got through security and headed to my gate.

Coming off the escalator, I banked the last corner, and there it was – the CROWD!… Not nearly as light as I’d hoped.

No biggie, though…it’s 1am, I’ll board and sleep right through this. Piece of cake!

After working my way through the line, I locate my seat and cozy in for some shut eye…FINALLY, SLEEEEP!

Just as I slip from consciousness… 


I peeped my left eye open and gazed across the aisle to the left…THERE HE IS! I located what could possibly put a damper on my last hope to get the sleep needed for tomorrow’s big day – a two year old.

“Wahhhh!” This full blown toddler showed no signs of giving up, he was determined to decimate anyone’s hope for rest…over and over he cried, and with it grew everyone’s frustration, because EVERYONE knows it’s different when it’s YOURS. 

Twenty minutes later, the crying stops – No wayyy…could it be?!?! This was it….it was time to get MINE. It was time to get what I promised myself in working the day to sleep through the night’s flight. Roughly 1:30am and my hopes for sleep had arrived…

I celebrate mentally, rock my shoulders back and forth into comfort, put up a short smile, and I am off.


“What the?!??!”…”You have to be kidding, right next to me – COME ON!”

And as you could imagine, I did not sleep during the flight, and the all-nighter quickly became a reality.

But why does it matter, what do you care?

I started this business with one goal in mind, to challenge the status quo of retirement planning and deliver the highest probability of a successful outcome to middle America, so retirees could focus on what’s important to them…

The more time I spend in the business, the more I realize, that people just don’t care about the fancy numbers, projections, and products that can “do this” or “do that….”

What matters to them? 

A beautiful Saturday evening stroll downtown, an animated cartoon three generations behind them with the grandkids just to see those little faces light up. 

They want hobbies, new things to do, they want to travel, spend time with friends and family..they want to enjoy what they worked a lifetime to build….

So they put their trust in an advisor to manage what’s arguably the single most important aspect of their life next to health, they trade the management of their life savings, so they can do the things they prefer. 

I spent the past 3 days in Topeka, Kansas not because I wanted to. I did it because I have an obligation to our clients and advisors to continue learning and building a business that provides the maximum amount of security and income for our clients.

The evolution of the capital markets and financial instruments will never stop, and for that reason we continue to raise our standards in every aspect of the business.

I am thankful for all of you who believed to begin and continue this journey.

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