These are challenging times, and where it all ends up, nobody knows, but there’s one thing that is certain…and that’s the guarantees we provide our clients. 

I am thankful for my experiences in finance, 12 years ago when the housing market imploded…it was rough for everyone…I was a tax preparer turned therapist overnight…I sat back and listened…some needed to vent, others needed to cry…I was there for them…they were family.

Those memories are with me today, and a big part of who we are as a business, and how we build our retirement portfolios. 

Spend enough time in our industry, and you’ll hear it all….”implement this strategy”, “buy that fund”, “don’t buy this”, “do that instead”, “annuities are terrible”…I’ve realized that stuff doesn’t matter to the people…so what matters to them?

A beautiful Saturday evening stroll downtown, an animated cartoon three generations behind them with the grandkids just to see those little faces light up. They want hobbies, new things to do, they want to travel, spend time with friends and family..they want to enjoy what they worked a lifetime to build….

So our goal is to give them what they want, with the highest level of certainty, through guarantees…

Ask yourself this question…would you prefer to spend the next 20-30 years worrying about the stock market and rather or not you’ll have enough, or do you prefer 100% certainty around the money you’ll collect?

The answer comes naturally…you gambled during your youth…time to settle down…it’s time to look for guarantees, and we can help..

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