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A large percentage of retirees are not happy, and that’s because they cannot enjoy the retirement lifestyle they dreamed of.

Let’s face it, regardless of age, we’ve all dreamed of a day without the employer, of absolute freedom, to live and do the things we enjoy doing the most.

I am talking about traveling, spending time with the grand kids, taking up new hobbies, or volunteering with a local non-profit.

Sadly, for the majority of retirees, that dream has been replaced by stress more than anything, mostly fueled by lack of preparation, financial literacy, and discretionary income.

A study produced by the Center of Retirement Research, stated most retirees to be just “moderately satisfied” with their retirement, while a large percentage stated they’d “rather be working.”

Now, we know it’s not “all about the finances”, but it’s fact, those who have it in-line, are more fulfilled with their retirement…and “having it in-line” is a function of financial literacy!

There was actually a test given to retirees on behalf of The American College of Financial Services, a 38-question exam on basic financial concepts…guess how many failed?

Of the 1,244 who took the exam, 75% of them failed, that’s 933 individuals who could probably be living a better retirement, let’s be honest… poor financial planning fuels… insecurity… fear… anxiety…all of which CAN lead to bad health, the worst thing for a retiree.

Our firm, Sunpath Financial is here to help. We’ve dedicated our lives to educating the public on finances, specifically retirement, and this week, we’re bringing in an industry expert to share how you can live a more fulfilled retirement, how you can take control of your future, and start living the way you dreamed before you set out for retirement.

During this webinar, we will discuss two investment strategies, utilizing your current assets, to generate supplemental retirement income.

You can join us simply by completing the form to the right, and don’t worry, we do not share your information with third parties, as we wouldn’t want our information shared neither.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in the webinar!

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