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Who says getting fit has to involve a monotonous routine of gym visits and protein shakes. Believe it or not, working out doesn’t have to be boring or feel like a chore. Regardless of their fitness level or body type, anyone can find a workout routine that is not only fun but also will help keep them motivated while meeting their fitness goals thanks to all the apps available nowadays. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of apps. Take a look.


Pact is a popular app that allows users to log three different aspects of their fitness journey, including gym time, veggie intake, and food. What sets it apart from other apps is that users place bets on whether they will meet their fitness goals in a given week. If goals aren’t reached, users end up owing money. However, if users meet their goals, they receive money from a collective pot that other every user gives to. According to the Pact website, of all the users who sign up, there is a 92 percent success rate. It’s a fun way for people to challenge themselves and offers real rewards. After all, who doesn’t get motivated by money?

Zombies, Run!

Looking to kick up the fun factor in your workouts? Give the app, Zombies, Run! a try. This app helps keep runners motivated so they can tackle their fitness goals. To put it simply, Zombies, Run! is a game that users play while on a run. As users progress through their workout, they have to complete missions while chased by virtual zombies. Along the way, users collect supplies to complete the missions. Because the game incorporates a nice mixture of running, walking, and jogging, it’s effective for weight loss. As a bonus, the app’s storyline is engaging enough for users to play again and again.


If you’re looking for help counting calories, MyFitnessPal is for you. MyFitnessPal is a digital calorie counter with a preprogrammed database of millions of foods and beverages. Logging foods with the app is as simple as scanning a barcode or manually searching for any given food. No matter what you put in, the app’s database will churn out an accurate calorie count to help keep you on track. Additionally, it’s useful for tracking calories burned.


Another fun fitness app is Passage. The app syncs with Fitbit devices and takes users to virtual cities during workouts. Some of the destination cities include Washington, DC, Paris, and London. As users log more miles, they’re able to unlock new cities to interact with during workouts. It even displays satellite images of the cities you’re visiting during workouts.


Fitbit is another app that’s ideal for tracking things like calories, water intake, sleep patterns, weight, and workouts. For added convenience, the app syncs with other devices, including phones and computers.

Have you tried any of these fitness apps? What’s your favorite?

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