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Are you looking for a new way to reduce stress and stay in shape with low impact exercise? Yoga is universal which is great for friends and family of all ages. Yoga is especially great for seniors, it helps maintain balance, betters bone health, and keeps joints flexible among many other great benefits.

These poses are great for people in their fifties all the way to their nineties. If necessary, you can use a chair to help balance yourself while you get comfortable with the standing postures. We recommend doing these poses three to four times per week to maintain that healthy balance you need in your life.

Mountain Pose

This pose is great for helping balance and grounding with your feet.

Start by standing straight with your feet touching each other and arms down on your sides. You then draw your abdominals in and up, make sure to relax your shoulders. Breathe in about ten breaths, this is great for people who notice they are starting to slouch.


This pose is excellent for back strength, strengthening abdominal muscles, and firming the buttox.

Start by lying down on your stomach, with your legs extended behind you. You then place your forearms on the ground, elbows under your shoulders and fingers should be flat facing forward. When you inhale press forearms onto the floor all while pressing your pubic bone into the floor, be sure to engage your leg muscles while keeping your head faced forward. While in this pose lift your abdominals in and up and stay for about ten breaths.

Cobbler’s Pose

This is great for keeping your hips open.

Sit nice and tall bring the soles of your feet together as your knees are extended out to your sides. Pull forward to engage in some stretching however, try not to pull too forward to avoid rounding too much in the lower back. Hold for about ten breaths.

Bird Dog

This pose is great for abdominals and back support

Begin by kneeling and stretching one arm forward and the opposite back leg extended. Be sure to keep your opposite hand on the floor to maintain a nice balance as well as the leg on the ground. Imagine having an object on your back and try to pull your belly button towards your spine, stay for a breath then switch to the opposite side. We recommend doing this five to eight times.


Our last one is a closing pose it helps reset the nervous system and restoring peace to the body.

Lie down on your back and allow your body to slowly relax as you as you take your final deep breaths.

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