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As the summer months grow nearer and you begin swapping out jeans and sweaters for sundresses, shorts, and swimsuits, you might be wondering how you can say goodbye to stubborn love handles for good. Love handles, otherwise not so lovingly known as muffin tops and spare tires, are pockets of fat around the waistline. For many people, they are bothersome, which is why so many people are eager to get rid of them.

However, it’s important to note that removing fat from the body is a process. You can’t spot treat an area of your body, such as your midsection, with crunches and squats, although those exercises certainly wouldn’t hurt. Instead, fat loss is a process that takes time and dedication. So, if you’re looking to get rid of stubborn love handles, where is a good place to begin?


A good first step to getting rid of your love handles would be to take a good look at your diet and eliminate any areas of excess, sweets, and any other type of food or drink that might stand in your way of conquering your love handles. After all, a balanced weight loss journey includes both diet and exercise.

Once you have established a balanced, healthy diet, there are a variety of other tips and lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your day to day life, including the following:

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water in a day is very important when trying to lose weight. It helps flush out your system and can help give your metabolism a boost.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Sleep is another important factor behind weight loss. Not only are you more likely to snack throughout the day or late at night when you’re tired, but sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your metabolism, making it more difficult to lose weight. A good rule of thumb would be to shoot for seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

Limit Stress

Stress isn’t fun for anyone, especially when you’re trying to shed your love handles and other body fat. If you’re someone who stresses out often, you’ve probably already noticed that it’s more difficult to lose weight because stress increases your body’s level of cortisol, which often increases your body’s visceral fat content. To combat stress, try incorporating a morning yoga session, meditation, or other techniques into your day to help keep stress at a minimum.

Have Fun with Cardio

Getting your heart pumping is another great way to shed unwanted belly fat. Whether you’re a fan of running outside or logging miles in on a treadmill or elliptical, cardio should be a regular part of your weekly, or even daily, routine.

Activate Your Core

If you’re really serious about tightening your midsection, have fun with exercises that activate your core. From Russian twists and side planks to squats, there are many workouts out there designed to help tighten the core. Some can even be done while sitting down at your desk at work or in front of the television at home.

These are only a few of the ways you can tackle stubborn love handles. Have you tried any of these techniques?

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