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There’s no denying how great of a workout running can be, especially for those looking to shed a few extra pounds. However, did you know that you might see different results depending on whether you run on a treadmill or pavement?

Although some people enjoy running outside on a sunny afternoon, others find a jog on the treadmill a more convenient option. But what method burns fat faster and is better for weight loss? Let’s take a look at some important factors to consider and how they can impact your workout and weight loss journey.

Terrain and Wind Resistance

Let’s be honest, when you run on a treadmill, you don’t have to worry about wind resistance or changing terrain, two things that make your body work harder during a workout. When running outside, you might have to combat with strong winds on a breezy day. You often will run through a variety of different terrains, including grass, concrete, gravel, sand, and more. These subtle terrain changes make your body work harder because they challenge your body’s ability to remain stable, making for a more effective workout.

However, while running outside, you also must account for environmental changes. For example, running through a city or other urban areas might require you to stop frequently at stop lights or for people. This can slow down your workout and make it less effective, so it’s best to map a route with few interruptions.

Running Form

Important for an effective workout, a runner’s form must always be spot on. Improper form can lead to muscle pain and more uncomfortable workouts, meaning you might cut a run short or skip one altogether, which wouldn’t do much in the way of burning fat. Typically, treadmill runners struggle more with their form because they can rely on the treadmill belt to keep them moving, resulting in a less intense workout. Running outside requires you to be more mindful of your form so you can keep running forward.

Tracking Calories Burnt and Other Details

Caloric intake and tracking calories is a common method people use when trying to lose weight, as is tracking how many calories are burnt in a workout. Fortunately for runners, many modern treadmills are designed with technology that allows you to track your progress during a workout by inputting your weight and age details. For some people, seeing the number of calories burnt on the treadmill screen can be a great motivator and can push them to complete an intense workout.

Some studies have even found people actually tend to burn more calories on a treadmill than running outside because there are fewer distractions. In addition, you’re able to run at faster speeds for longer periods of time without having to stop at a crosswalk or something similar.

Final Thoughts

Each method has its own share of pros and cons and offers its own fat-burning benefits. For those looking for more intense workouts that will challenge their body more, running outside is the way to go. However, running on a treadmill is good for anyone wanting to lose a few pounds without distractions.

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