The information you provide is organized into packages called ‘scenarios’. Scenarios provide an understanding for how retirement might look if we made one decision in place of another, if an unpredictable event took place, or if the variables changed.

Scenarios are built in progression from best case, with each representing a set of changes to the core facts known as the ‘base facts’.

Base facts store your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities in their raw form; inflation, cost-of-living adjustments, appreciation, and taxes are omitted, which provides clarity to our planners, mitigates mistakes, and makes it easy for you to follow.

Once your base facts are complete, your planner will begin to apply our 10 most common retirement scenarios.

Completed plans are sent to one of several Certified Financial Planners, and then a Certified Public Account for a review. The planner and account perform a general review of the plan, and makes suggestions if necessary.

Any revisions are made to the plan, and your fiduciary will reach out to schedule a time to present your plan via screen share from within our advance retirement planning software.

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