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The most effective retirement planning process takes a six step. Each step represents a logical progression to a blueprint that binds clients needs and desires to the reality of their current and future income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

The process renders an executable written retirement plan, providing recommendations to make what might seem out-of-reach, into a text and visual layout that’s easy to digest.

The process was designed to place the control of a successful retirement in the hands of our clients by seeing the bigger picture, and places an emphasis on the goal they’re attempting to attain.

Wether that’s leading a comfortable retirement with a legacy for children, or bouncing the last check you write, the process helps clients safely and accurately manage the outcome of their retirement.

Step 1. Where You Are Today

This is by far the most exciting step in the process as it gives us the opportunity to get to know one another on the personal and financial level, where a relationship and trust is built. During the meeting, we’ll collect pertinent financial statements. You can find a list of the items we’ll request by clicking here.

Step 2. Where You’d Like to Be Tomorrow

This is your opportunity to dream and discuss when you’d like to retire, and what you plan to do throughout it; traveling, golfing, camping, shopping, spending time with the grandkids. It’s our job to help you plan for a healthy, fun-filled, and secure retirement.

Step 3. The roadmap to get there

We’ll take what we learned about you in step 1 and 2, plug it into sophisticated software, and begin the process of building your unique retirement plan – a roadmap. We stress test each roadmap against several economic, insurance, and health risk metrics to ensure a high rate of success.

Step 4. Review and Discuss Your Roadmap

During the second meeting, we will discuss how your needs and wants can be met. In many cases, we will explore areas of weakness and solutions to them.

Step 5. Implement Roadmap Recommendations

The plan may outline several actionable recommendations. If you decide to move forward, we’ll begin to implement them. We prioritize each recommendation, and take a multi-step approach to reduce confusion for both parties.

Step 6. Annual Retirement Roadmap Review

Although we speak to many of our clients monthly, it’s mandatory we meet once annually. During the meeting, we’ll discuss any previous or future life events while reviewing the progress we had over the year.

As a retirement plan specialist firm, we pride ourselves in serving the future and present retirees of Orange County, California.

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