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Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional romantic getaway with their special someone? Between work responsibilities and other sources of stress barreling at you day in and day out, embarking on a trip once in a while is good for both your body and mind and can help rejuvenate your relationship. But with so many spectacular, beautiful destinations around the world to choose from, how can you decide which romantic getaway is right for you? To help narrow down the list of possibilities, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight romantic destinations to visit with your partner.

1.) Paris, France

A list of romantic destinations wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Paris, France. With attractions like the Eiffel Tower, scenic streets lined with patisseries and cafes for afternoon espressos and croissants, and many stunning historic sites, Paris is the perfect destination for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

2.) Venice, Italy

With all of its historic sites, basilicas, glistening canals, and more than 350 scenic bridges, it’s no wonder Venice, Italy, has become a favorite romantic destination among couples. Whether you choose to go on a tasting tour of some Venice’s more popular restaurants, embark on a relaxing gondola ride, or take in the wondrous sites of Saint Peter’s Basilica, there’s something for every couple in the floating city.

3.) Bali

From its sparkling sea views to its pristine sandy beaches, Bali is the epitome of peace and relaxation and a favorite among couples looking to reconnect and reignite the spark in their relationships. There’s nothing like sitting back in a private cabana, sipping a drink, and letting go of all your stress and troubles with your partner by your side.

4.) Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, is full of beautiful and eye-catching temples, bustling marketplaces, relaxing massage parlors, mouthwatering restaurants, and breathtaking views. It’s easy to see why Bangkok is a favorite tourist destination, especially among couples seeking a romantic getaway.

5.) Ushuaia, Argentina

If you’ve never visited Ushuaia, Argentina, you’re missing out. Known as the world’s southernmost city, it is located at the end of the world and boasts beautiful views and endless hours of relaxation, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

6.) Kilimanjaro

If the idea of embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with your beloved intrigues you, then Kilimanjaro is the destination for you. Situated against a backdrop of stunning nature with elephants and other animals, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, is a perfect destination for lovers to take in the natural beauty of the world around them.

7.) Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii, another breathtaking destination with white sandy shores near pristine waters, has long been a favorite romantic destination for couples. It’s a tropical paradise with endless activities for couples to take part in. Whether you’re looking to spend a week relaxing under a private cabana, snorkeling through one of the many reefs, or touring one of Honolulu’s many beautiful gardens, there’s something for everyone.

8.) Kyoto, Japan

There are few places in the world as breathtaking as Kyoto, Japan, during springtime when the cherry blossom trees are in bloom. Because of this, many couples around the world plan romantic getaways to Japan in the springtime to take in the sights.

These are only a few of the most popular romantic getaway locations around the world. Which destinations have you visited?

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