The difference between people who are successful and unsuccessful when it comes to living a fulfilled retirement, is that successful retirees are willing to do the things unsuccessful retirees are not.

You might ask yourself, “What is it that successful retirees will do that unsuccessful retirees won’t?”…It’s the same thing that unsuccessful retirees aren’t willing to do, but success retirees do anyways because they know it’s the key to a successful retirement, and that is saving and planning.

Although the heavy lifting of retirement takes place during working years, the most challenging obstacle is the one to come, as common investment risk are amplified through our dependence on income from accounts built to save.

The infrastructure of a retirement plan might appear simple: secure foundational income accounts, low interest bearing emergency fund, and a growth portfolio, appear as simple as they sound, but beneath the surface is a series of complex mechanisms designed to provide maximum income and security.

As an example, most individuals do not know that the bond market alone is several times larger than the stock market, but it’s just a subtype of fixed-income securities, which is what we use to build the first layer – the secure foundational income accounts.

Just as important as choosing the right investment tool for each component, is creating a plan flexible enough to take on water. It’s likely to experience extreme highs and lows during retirement. For these reasons, we take a pragmatic approach when planning, stress testing as many hypothetical scenarios as needed to ensure our clients the highest probability of success.

It is not easy to build and maintain a retirement plan, but it’s much easier than facing the challenges of outliving ones assets. For this reason, our saying in the office has become, “It’s much easier to have a plan and not need it, than to need a plan and not have it.”

If you would like a complimentary retirement plan (a $2,500 value), please reach out to us today.

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